Salute! Farm and VineyardSoon, I’ll again be making my annual pilgrimage to the garden supply store. For as long as I can remember, I’ve spent Memorial Day, rain or shine, up to my elbows in dirt planting flowers and vegetables. As I’ve mentioned before, I spent my childhood summers on my father’s farm, and the tradition of growing our own produce is something I’ve made a point of continuing both for my sake and for that of my children.

While our city home has limited us largely to container gardening, for those who are more ambitious and want a true taste of what it’s like to work the land and turn a crop, hobby farms are one option.

As a residential agent specializing mostly in Chicago’s North Side, I never thought I would have a chance to list such a property. So, imagine my delight when I was approached to represent Salute! Farm and Vineyard in Woodstock, Illinois.

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