Welcome to my blog, Live and Play in Chicago. My name is Jennifer Ames, and I am a top-selling residential real estate agent in Chicago as well as a lifelong Chicagoan. My family has been an integral part of this city for more than 150 years, and suffice it to say, Chicago is in my blood.

The twenty years I’ve spent in Chicago real estate, as well as the ongoing experience of raising three children in the city, has granted me a uniquely intimate perspective on this town. Because of this, I feel that I have much to share, and I have chosen this blog as the venue.

Chicago is one of the world’s great cities. There’s something for everyone here, and it’s my goal with this blog to share not only my insights into Chicago’s real estate market, but also on making the most of living, playing, and raising a family in the Windy City.

Like any blog, this one is likely to evolve as it progresses, and I’m excited to see what direction it will take. As time goes on, I hope more and more of you will join me with your readership and your comments, but in the meantime, enjoy!