Vote early, vote often

Thanks to your generous showing of support, Live and Play in Chicago qualified among just 32 blogs in the United States to participate in the nationwide real estate blog brawl.

Our first competitor is, coincidentally, another blog written by a Coldwell Banker agent named Jennifer – a Jennifer Rathbun of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

To win this match up, we need only to solicit the most votes from as many Internet connections (IP addresses) as possible. Even the hotspot at your local Starbucks counts as an extra vote, but I’m not asking that much of you.

If you have a spare moment, please visit the contest voting page and cast your vote in all of the blog matchups listed (including, of course, the one for my blog). If you have time, you can skim each blog to get a feel for which ones deserves your vote. Otherwise, just cast a random vote in the pairings you don’t wish to evaluate.

The deadline is this Friday, March 20th at 7:59 a.m. CST.

So it’s Chicago vs. Fredericksburg in Round 1. Vote early and vote often, Chicago. This time, you really can.

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  • If anyone know Chicago real estate, it's Jennifer Ames!

  • Thank you everyone for all your support. Hopefully with your help, my blog made it to round #2. We'll find out later this afternoon so be sure to check back in with the contest website.

    If we are in the next round, I will need you to vote again as the field of competition will be reduced from 16 to just 8. This is really exciting 🙂


  • Allison

    YOU MADE IT TO ROUND 2!!!!!!!!! Now you're up against


  • Yahhh! Allison is correct. This blog is now in round two and the field has narrowed to just 16 contestants. But I need your help more than ever!

    Please vote early and often (but in each case it needs to be from a different IP address). It is really easy. Just click on this link: and vote for one blog from each of the eight pairs. We are the first option in Zone 1-B….live and play in chicago. Then hit “submit.”

    Voting ends early in the morning on Tuesday, March 24th. With your help, we will advance to round three and ultimately the finishline.

    Thanks in advance for your support!


  • Luis Alpizar

    The best of the best!!!

  • dpylyp

    Blog Brawlers has provided you a wonderful opportunity for National and viral results!

    Keep up the great work. It does get rewarded

    David Pylyp