The Internet is all a-twitter

If you read this blog from the Live and Play in Chicago website (rather than by email subscription or RSS reader), you may have noticed a new item called “Twitter Updates” in the sidebar. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now a part of the latest social networking trend, Twitter.

For the uninitiated, Twitter is something called “micro blogging“. Whereas traditional blogging involves full, page-length posts about an event from earlier in the day or week, micro blogging is typically a single sentence, written on the fly as things happen. Take a look at my Twitter updates (known as “tweets”) in the sidebar to see what I mean.

Since everyone from Barack Obama to my home brokerage, Coldwell Banker, was already onboard, I decided to join in as well.

Now, you can follow along with my tweets on my Twitter page here or simply by checking back to the blog from time to time. This way, you can see what life is like in the day of a hardworking real estate agent and mother like myself. And, you don’t even have to ride around in my car next to a stack of listing brochures, yard signs and photographic equipment!

If you have a Twitter account, let me know, and I’ll be sure to give you a friendly “follow.”

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