Live & Play Chicago MagazineThe launch of our Live & Play Chicago magazine was a huge success. 10,000 copies were delivered to Chicago area homeowners as well as business and community leaders. In an effort to make the magazine more widely available, it is now available in an online digital format here.

Live & Play Chicago was designed as an extension of this blog. The goal was to elevate the homes we sell beyond their bricks and mortar and show how they are a part of a larger, dynamic community. After all, your home is more than just an investment. It’s the place where you spend your free time, celebrate holidays, hang out with your family, unwind after work, and generally enjoy your life.

Unless you plan to stay home all the time (not likely), your decision to buy a home should include an understanding of the surrounding community and all that it has to offer. When we work with buyers, we encourage our clients to take a few minutes to assess which amenities matter most in the community. Would you like to be able to walk to neighborhood restaurants? Do you have kids and need access to parks, schools and a library? How do you get to work? If you don’t drive, which public transit routes would be most convenient? Is it important to have a gym close by?

Each of the homes featured in our magazine includes additional information about the architect, the location or a special aspect of the neighborhood. We had a lot of fun putting this section together, and we welcome your suggestions for our next edition.

On that note, if you are considering selling your home anytime soon, we still have openings for our Spring/Summer 2010 edition! For more information, contact me at

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