Salute! Farm and VineyardSoon, I’ll again be making my annual pilgrimage to the garden supply store. For as long as I can remember, I’ve spent Memorial Day, rain or shine, up to my elbows in dirt planting flowers and vegetables. As I’ve mentioned before, I spent my childhood summers on my father’s farm, and the tradition of growing our own produce is something I’ve made a point of continuing both for my sake and for that of my children.

While our city home has limited us largely to container gardening, for those who are more ambitious and want a true taste of what it’s like to work the land and turn a crop, hobby farms are one option.

As a residential agent specializing mostly in Chicago’s North Side, I never thought I would have a chance to list such a property. So, imagine my delight when I was approached to represent Salute! Farm and Vineyard in Woodstock, Illinois.

The ideal country property for a city dweller, this secluded 41-acre country estate is little more than an hour’s drive from downtown and is set in a charming historic community (made famous by the film Groundhog Day) easily accessible via the Metra. It is located on one of the highest elevations in the area, offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and wetlands, the majority of which is a dedicated conservation district.

As you could imagine, I gladly accepted the offer to take on Salute! (Italian for “To your health!”) as one of my listings.

A key feature of this property is the highly fertile soil that has not been exposed to any pesticides or fertilizers for over six years. Five acres are planted in organic vegetables, and another five acres are host to 1,580 trellised grape vines used in the production of award-winning red wine. In addition, there are blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, as well as bee hives.

The infrastructure on the farm includes a farmhouse, two barns, an automated greenhouse, a business office with cooler designed to hold produce, a mobile trailer, and a John Deere tractor and other essential equipment. The current owners are willing to provide transitional support to a buyer who is interested in continuing to maintain the vegetable business and/or grape vines.

If you’ve been thinking about a country retreat or are interested in getting involved in locally grown organic produce, I invite you to visit Salute! Farm and Vineyard. While in Woodstock, consider spending the night in town at the Town Square Inn and dining in one of the fantastic restaurants that downtown Woodstock has to offer.

For more information about this special opportunity, call me on my cell phone at (773) 908-3632.

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  • ~Nathalie

    This looks like a great retreat from the city with so many opportunities! You should have a country picnic out there so we can come see the beautiful property and try the organic produce…

  • City Dweller

    What a unique opportunity! Love the idea of country retreat.

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    This property sounds AMAZING! What I wouldn't give to own land outside of Chicago, to grow food or have a getaway all of my own. This property looks great and I can't wait to get more information about it.