Play it Safe at Navy PierI have blogged twice before about fire safety, first after I witnessed a friend’s home sustain significant damage after an electrical appliance caught fire and again after I took my children to a fire station for a tour and safety lesson. Now, I want to follow up to let you know about an important new exhibit about fire safety at the Chicago Children’s Museum on Navy Pier.

Developed in partnership with the Chicago Fire Department, Play it Safe! allows families to explore fire safety through hands-on play. Your kids can experience what it takes to respond to a fire – both as a firefighter and as an everyday citizen.

When the alarm bell rings, the kids can work as the fire chief at the Command Center, slide down a fire pole, put on firefighting gear, climb into a fire truck, pretend drive to the fire (with siren blaring and lights flashing), hook up a fire hose, and aim the hose at a burning Chicago bungalow.

However, the most important lesson you can perform with your children is to practice what to do in an emergency. The “Get Low and Go” bedroom allows you to teach your children how to respond in the event of a real fire. When the alarm goes off, kids learn to get on the floor and crawl around the furniture to a safe place.

Looking for something to do between Christmas and New Year? The museum will be hosting a Survive Alive program (December 26 through 30 at 2:30 pm) in the Play it Safe! exhibit. Bring your kids and practice together how to escape from a smoke-filled room.

Don’t forget to pick up the museum’s take home guide with fire safety tips for your entire family, and be safe!

Image from the Chicago Children’s Museum

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